We provide actionable, alpha-generating research and advice to the world's leading financial institutions.

About i10 Research

i10 Research is an independent financial research firm specializing in providing quantitative actionable market research to the world’s leading financial institutions and institutional investors.

The mission of i10 Research is to deliver industry-leading, alpha-generating, tactical and actionable coverage of global markets for our valued clients.

Our research is designed for easy integration into existing decision-making models and is created to assist our clients in achieving superior risk-adjusted returns.

i10 Research offers our clients a complete suite of decision support consulting, market timing, and quantitative alpha-generating services. We can provide a solution customized to your needs and tailored for your organization and personnel.

Aaron Uitenbroek
Aaron Uitenbroek is a founder and managing partner of i10 Research.  Aaron is a sought after market expert, providing advice to thousands of investment professionals every day including many of the top financial institutions on Wall Street and around the world.  He has worked in the trading industry focused on quantitative, data-driven alpha generation for nearly 20 years.
David Truffelman

David Truffelman is a founding partner of i10 Research with over 20 years of equity, foreign exchange, and commodity futures trading experience.  He is an analyst for all i10 Research daily and weekly reports.  Mr. Truffelman has worked as a managing partner of an NFA/CFTC registered Introducing broker (IB) as well as a principal of an NFA/CFTC registered CTA in the past.

Customized Research Products and Services
Our proprietary quantitative approach and outputs will easily integrate into and enhance  your organization's existing assets and we will work with you to customize and fit your specific needs.
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What is Volume-at-Price data and Why is it Superior?
In our research, we use a strictly quantitative approach to generate alpha for our clients by correctly identifying market biases, effective market timing, and locating asymmetric trading opportunities.
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We provide actionable, alpha-generating research and advice to the world's leading financial institutions.