Introducing i10 Intraday FIRE LINES

FIRE LINES are our statistical proprietary indicator that we use to produce price levels or price points, where we expect to see a lot of significant intraday trading activity, as well as to determine the likely trend of the price action for that particular day. Fire Lines typically identify areas where prices will be supported in a down trend, or resisted in an up trend. It is at these levels that we seek to trade at. It is here, that we can enter the market with the least amount of risk and the greatest amount of potential.


(Updated every morning by 7:30 am ET with today’s actionable trading levels.  These are the levels for each contract that ‘when’ or ‘if’ these levels are hit today, you will want to take action.  These areas provide excellent high probability, low risk intraday-overnight setups.  Contracts are divided into category groups.


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