In our research, we use volume-at-price data and auction market principles to generate alpha for our clients by correctly identifying market biases, effective market timing, and locating asymmetric trading opportunities.

It is our data-driven, quantitative approach and adhering to processes that are proven, consistent and robust that allow us to deliver analysis and results that are accurate, reliable and that give our clients a trading edge.

Our analysis focuses on volume-at-price data because it is additional critical data that is 100% market-generated.

Volume-at-price data is key information that major institutions and hedge funds use to accommodate their liquidity needs.

By analyzing the market-generated volume-at-price data, we make our clients aware of key price locations before they are reached and give trade guidance that traders using strictly price-based information (or any of the hundreds of mathematical price-derived indicators) completely miss.

If you have not evaluated our work, I invite you to contact us to request a sample of our work and learn how our clients are able to stay so consistently ahead of the markets.